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(obvious) stuff Empty (obvious) stuff

Post  jimmyjimmyjimmept Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:37 am

they're just suggestions not demands, and some i've already pm'd you about in-game sunny

map, current map is not good for three reasons: the map is not big enough this leads to kind of boring and repetitive fights, there are no areas for an open battle against some other team (no semi-private areas such as south/north of thais) and the server seems to be going for realism and aiming to emulate tibia 7.4, which is why i believe it should be an unedited map.
my suggestion is north half of the main continent, ghostlands west, canyon + "cut off river" south, the ocean east (won't be able to cross troll bridge to orc lands) and north just the usual northport + the ocean. i think it should have carlin and ab'dendriel, more variety then.. it's always nice to fight in different areas. this way you'll have 2 cities and a huge amount of free land in between and south of them. hellgate should exist but it should be a dead end (at the end of the long north/south corridor), you can go defence but a mage can't just run there every time he's going to die to a team. mols should just be closed off. spawn point = carlin depot.

magic levels/skills: mages should be able to gain distance skill ^^ lvl 80 sorcerer shouldn't have magic lvl 48. it should be like 51 or so and eds maybe 54.

bps: paladins should spawn with a small amount of power bolts, like 20 or so. machetes should come in all backpacks and should cut wild growth and paladins and knights should get a pick xD mages should get 3 or 4 blank runes in their backpack for making their own energy bombs or magic walls or w/e if they run out. runes should be 2x charges and it should be worked so mages spawn with 10 bps of mf not 8 (it might become important in a bigger map.) paladins backpack doesn't fill all of their cap by a mile.

i know i had more to write but i've forgotten ^^

edit, maybe bursts should be infinite EVERYONE keeps running out xd


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(obvious) stuff Empty Re: (obvious) stuff

Post  Admin Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:16 pm

Carlin city + carlib/ab ob will be implented, hellgate will be considered but doubtful. Magic levels, they are 48 for mages and 53 for druids for a reason. So two hit sds aint possible and you have to use bursts or be two druids.

Bursts will not be infinite, they running out gives you an annoying feeling that you have to refill them, which replicates to a real server. But there it is even harder to obtain them. Unless you run around with a knight carrying them or a paladin conjuring them.

Machetes will be introduced later on, and we'll see if we can somehow change the whole server abit, levels, bps, map etc.


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